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Me, You, and the Moon

The Novus Pack Justice Series Book 1
Release Date: May 14, 2024

My darling Sage,

Will You…

Stand by me when you learn I'm Lycan?

Stay even though the Leader of my dying pack hates humans? 

Understand that I'm torn by the need to protect my people and my love for you?

Dearest Bredon, 

Will you…

Forgive me for running when I want nothing more than to stand by your side?

Feel obligated when you learn that I am dying?

Accept that the Goddess will protect us, even if the path is perilous, and trust in our bond so that nothing will keep us apart?

Bredon Redd and Sage Issacs's unorthodox mating is fraught with surprises and danger. With enemies lurking in the shadows, they must accept that their futures are uncertain, but they will be together.