Change Series Book 8
Release Date October 8, 2019

I remember every second of the moment my life changed... in painfully vivid detail. 

I was in line to pick my daughter up from school when I answered that life-altering phone call. In an instant, our lives went from worrying about unpacking the last of the moving boxes to evaluating treatment options. 

While I was struggling to come to terms with my diagnosis, I was powerless to do anything but watch as breast cancer affected everyone I cared about.

My strong, fearless husband crumbled. Our sweet daughter desperately clung to me. Even our friends spiraled into a free fall of doubt and worry.  

How does anyone handle a cancer diagnosis? You reflect, make plans, and draw strength from those you love. We are a family of survivors. Now, more than ever, we will come together and prepare to fight. 

For time. For family. For life.