Q&A with Melanie Jayne


Do you play any music when writing? Yes, I love music. I create playlists for each manuscript.  For The Party Plan, I listened to Adele- Turning Tables, Pink-Glitter in the Air, The Cast of Glee’s Version sung by Amber Riley of Colorblind and Edwin McCain’s I’ll Be. Plus many more.
Where do you get your ideas for your books?  I know that it is a cliché but many of my ideas have come to me in a dream. I’ve also been hit with an entire story while driving home and I kept driving around my block to see where the plot was going to take me.
Have you always wanted to write? No. My paternal grandparents were both writers for magazines and so I grew up around it, I remember being told to be quiet while they read what they had written and the other edited the work. I used to make up stories and I would tell them to myself to help me fall asleep. When I was in college, I took a Creative Writing class and I was heart-broken when I kept getting C’s and D’s on my papers.  The instructor seemed to think that my writing was “too cute” and “not gritty”.  I had never received a C let alone a D on a paper in my life, so I stopped writing.  A few years ago, a good friend suggested that I try writing so I did. I found that it was much more difficult than I thought it would be. I started attending conventions and going to the panels on craft. I attended the RT 2013’s Writers Bootcamp. I’ve taken a few online courses and read many books on writing.  Plus I hired a good editor. 
What writers have influenced your work?  I am very lucky to have so many successful women supporting me in this quest. Not only am I fans of their writing but they have given me assistance.  I hope to one day be as gracious as Lorelei James is to her fans. Beth Williamson has been a cheerleader and speaker of honesty since the idea of me writing had just been planted. Karin Tabke has been so generous with sharing her wisdom. Jayne Rylon has answered many of my questions, sometimes having to draw diagrams and using little words. She was by my side when I decided to self publish and has stayed there throughout this fun.
Is your book, The Party Plan like Fifty Shades of Gray? TTP is an Erotic Romance and there are graphic sex scenes. There is no BDSM.  My characters are older than the FSOG characters. I also use raw language in my book.
What is your favorite color? Red and Pink, but I wear a lot of Black.​
What is your favorite TV show? Big Bang Theory, Cold Justice, and GLEE
What is your favorite movie? The Philadelphia Story and Charade (A very sexy older Cary Grant)
What is your favorite food? Pizza (the more cheese and sauce the better) and Chips (Ranch or Doritos Chips)
 What is your favorite Guilty Pleasure? Turning off my phone, TV, and Lights, then reading until I fall asleep.