You Only
Cameron Farms Series - Book 1

Fifteen years ago, Hale Cameron had it all.  She was the only child of the richest family in three counties, engaged to the town’s rising star attorney, and considered the Princess of Whitleysburg. The problem, she hated the person she had become. To escape the expectations of her hometown, she packs up and leaves it all behind.

Finn Robbins seems to have rebounded nicely from his broken engagement. He is now Mayor of the town, successful and has his pick of available women. When Hale returns to take her place as owner of Cameron Farms, he plans to avoid her as much as possible. Too bad that he comes to like this version of the woman who broke his heart.

Hale doesn’t expect Whitleysburg to welcome her back, small towns have long memories. She hopes to live and work on her farm and to keep a low profile, staying out of Finn’s way. However in her town, you cannot avoid your neighbor.

​Whenever Finn and Hale are together the sparks fly, as their attraction grows stronger. They must decide if they can accept their pasts and move forward to a future together.