What's blood got to do with it
Release Date: March 28, 2023

He is a powerful predator who can go anywhere and be anything yet chooses to work within the Duchenne Family Fifth’s household.

She has never fit in with vampire society. Working in the male-dominated field of security only adds to her feelings of isolation. 

Charged with hiring a female bodyguard, Stan never believed he would find love along the way. But he’s drawn to the mysterious female by a magnetic pull he can't ignore. 

While Adira can’t deny their mutual attraction, her self-worth makes her feel undeserving of his affection. Believing herself to be part-human, her lowly ranking makes her unworthy of responsibility, trust, or love. 

The stakes are high when it comes to the heart. Can Stan prove to Adira that, in his eyes, she is everything? Or will her hesitation prevent her from seeing she is worthy of an esteemed vampire’s love?