THERE's The Rub
RELEASE DATE: February 7, 2023

For years Sheridan (Danni) Yates has felt like she had to take on the world alone. The beautiful loner moves from city to city, always holding back and never allowing herself to fit in. 

Hunter Roberts senses something special about Danni shortly after she moves to his quaint hometown. Like him, she keeps to herself and lives quietly. Is it possible she's battling ghosts of her past, as he does? 

The two enjoy the time they spend together. Hunter doesn't push her to talk about her past, and Danni, in turn, doesn’t ask about his scars. Their feelings for one another are deepening by the day.

Together, they feel they can face anything.  

There’s the Rub.

Can Danni and Hunter open up to one another and share the secrets that haunt them? Or will fear destroy their chance at real happiness?