The Novus Pack World Series Book 9
Release Date June 27, 2023

Destiny finds Vasili Markov on a lonely farm in northern Canada.

His search for his beloved sister has stretched on for centuries with nothing to show. Plagued by guilt, he's forgotten how to live... and love. 

Until he meets Yaelle.

She is like no other Lycan he has ever encountered, having survived a literal hell. The pull he feels for her can mean only one thing. This is his mate. Yet the secrets she carries could topple the most powerful Lycans and bring her death.

Knowing his family will protect their females with their lives, Vasili turns to his brother for help. What they learn about Yaelle's daughter is an answered prayer and a threat to their existence. 

The truth has a way of coming to light, and the Markovs need the support of the Novus Pack now more than ever. Can two broken people create a family and learn to love? Or will Yaelle's tragic past prove to be inescapable? 

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