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The Novus Pack World Series Book 8
Release Date November 10, 2022

Like most recent college grads, I’m working three jobs just to pay rent and payoff my Jeep. Sure, I don’t have much of a social life, but truthfully, I’m too busy to notice. I’ve got bills to pay. 

And… I’m one of the lucky ones. As an Omega wolf, my kind are usually killed or banished from their pack. Our presence can calm the most aggressive Lycan. Call it fear, or ignorance, but few wolves seek my friendship. So, I stay out of their way.

All that changed when I met Lucien St. Cloud. He is a decorated Council Guard. Not to mention being mind-blowingly sexy. 

A warrior like him shouldn’t want me. I could make him lose his edge. Still, he pursues me with patience and tenderness.

I want him more than I’ve ever wanted anything. Can a tentative wolf, like me, find the strength to be fearless in love?