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The Novus Pack World Series Book 3
Release Date July 15, 2021

I’m not the hero of this story.

I’m a bad man whose soul is stained by countless horrible acts.

But I always wanted to do right by Zara.

She was young when I helped her escape a situation that would have surely destroyed her. Despite feeling compelled to protect her, I kept my distance in hopes she would find happiness and make a life for herself far away from me.

Unfortunately, she can’t escape the ghosts of her past any more than I can.

Zara doesn’t know what a good man is, and I don’t know how to be one. Yet, when she looks at me, with unwavering trust and understanding, I want to be better.

I want DO better... for her.

Keeping her means that we must go to the Novus Pack where I know that she will be protected from her past and most importantly…from me.