I have the best life, spending my days chatting with feisty females, waking up to sexy men, eating chocolate and wearing pajamas. In March of 2015, I published my first book and never looked back.  My books predominantly feature characters over the age of thirty-five, facing life head on. They are woman positive and advocate empowerment. I write about the world that I live in and collect many ideas from my friend’s lives and daytime TV.

I live a quiet life on a grain farm in central Indiana with a very patient husband and mastiff, Duncan Keith. I have been employed in retail management, run a federal courtroom, worked behind the scenes in a casino and closed home loans. I have an inquisitive mind and gets bored easily.I am an avid Reader/Author Conference Attendee and Romance Reader. I am so grateful to the many authors and bloggers who have so generously supported my career and in turn I give back to new and aspiring writers.