The Blue river trilogy-Book 1
Release Date: November 2, 2021

I did what I had to, for the farm and my family.

My efforts weren't in vain. My brother and sister are grown with lives of their own. Blue River Farms is thriving and successful. While my work earned respect in town, it's also left me feeling isolated and alone. I yearn for someone to share my life with, and Ellis Peters suddenly moving back seems more than a coincidence. She’s the woman I have always longed for, and now… there’s nothing in our way.

I've been in love with Greyson Blue since I was six. When I had nowhere else to go, Grey invited me to the farm while rehabilitating from my injuries. Knowing how much of himself he’s given to his family and this town; I make it my mission to repay his generosity and ease the burdens on him in any way I can.

Yet, when stolen glances and lingering touches awaken an electrifying attraction between us, our long-buried feelings come rushing back.

After all we’ve been through, is it possible life is finally rewarding us with a chance for happiness?

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