Release Date: May 2, 2022

The stakes are high in matters of the heart.

He’s an ancient vampire, promoted to be The Fifth in the powerful Duchenne Family.

She’s thrust into a position she never would have agreed to by her parents' greed.

Lily’s not cut out to be the pampered pet of a powerful vampire. Not when that same type of situation led to her sister’s death. Unfortunately, she has no say in the matter as her parents choose their financial aspirations over her wishes. 

Thankfully, Sebastian is kind. Bash would much rather live a quiet existence filling his days with work, books, good food, and aged whisky.

Attraction sparks between them, and quickly blossoms into love. Too soon, they are ripped apart by those that brought them together.

Will Bash, the ultimate predator, take the bait that Lily has planned, and claim what is his?