A Change of Ways
RELEASE DATE: July 28, 2020

Micah’s been shot.

Those three little words sent my world spiraling. Without hesitation, I packed a bag and rushed to his side four states away. He couldn’t die. There were too many wrongs they needed to be made to right. I thought time apart would offer clarity to my complex feelings for him, or the mountain of obstacles between us. Now, I fear the last harsh words spoken between us will act as our eternal goodbye...

When the gun fired, my lone thought was of Tess.

I took this job to straighten my situation out... for her. So that when I marched back into her life, I would be the man she deserved. I wasn’t going to be selfish. Not this time. I would put her first. Our love came with professional and personal risks, but with her by my side they were worth taking. I’m not done fighting. I’ll battle death itself to make it back to her. And when I do, compromises will be made. Truths will be told. Our forever will begin with A Change of Ways.