A Change of Heart

Change Series Book 7
Release Date January 29, 2019

Can a Crush Ever Die?

Rick Khaled was the most beautiful man that I had ever seen and twenty-one years later, nothing had changed except I’m no longer fourteen and hiding in the shadows. Now, I’m a boss running my construction crew, building his dream house. I barely have enough time to sleep or to rekindle my teenage crush, but he is always around, asking things of me, making me want…him.

Lyricka Seaver is smart, talented, driven, and sexy as hell, but the timing sucks. My life has been totally rearranged, and I don’t know who I am. Gone are the days when I did as I please and answered to no one. When I look at this amazing woman, I forget about my responsibilities, and I only want…her.

Surrendering has never been as sweet as when you have A Change of Heart.