A Change of Direction

Change Series Book 9
Release Date March 3, 2020

Can two people who thrive off control throw themselves into love’s chaotic freefall?

 In the last three years, Beau “Sly” Slidell has cheated death and landed a kickass job in a new city. While some areas of his life are better than ever, others will never be the same.

 After surviving a rough marriage and a bitter divorce, Campbell Talbot is more than happy to embrace her single life. She has a tight circle of friends, a good job, and a list of men to call for fun when the mood strikes.

 Despite their sizzling attraction, his stubbornness, combined with her fierce independence, drives the two apart. 

Now, Sly realizes his life is better with her in it and is determined to win Campbell back.

Can the lifelong bachelor and independent woman learn how to make a committed relationship work when they cringe at the word?