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Casino Nights Series

Long Shot

Book 3 Casino Nights Series

See Me
A Dark Lycan Romance
Tentatively Planned Some Day

Warning: this ain’t your mamma’s werewolf story. They may look like humans, but they are true predators. Smart, cunning, and decisive. If you have something they want, you better be prepared to defend it to the death.

In Nebraska, Raider Black rules his pack with intelligence and ruthlessness. He will stop at nothing to see that his loyal followers are secure. The moment his people find and identify Theodora Gray as carrying the mark of The Seer, he claims her for his pack.

As Theodora learns about the Lycan world and controlling her psychic ability, she captures The Black’s interest. Becoming involved with the frightening male is the last thing Theo wants, but nothing will get between a wolf and his prey. 

Paranormal Romance

FOR 2018